Not only do we invest in the time and effort to ensure our personnel are trained, competent and experienced on our machines and equipment, we also offer different levels of training which can benefit our customers in having the right level of understanding and qualifications for their workload.

Familiarisation Training

This is a basic course that can be carried out on site as well as at our depot, whereby a candidate will be taken through the correct operation and requirements of a particular machine or equipment type.

This training covers the safety elements and the necessary safety checks needed to keep the equipment in good working order, backed up with a certificate from Lift Minicranes Ltd.

Familiarisation goes hand in hand with any accredited certification scheme as it shows the candidate has had training on the specific model or equipment type.

CPCS – Construction Plant Competency Scheme

It is becoming more common that when using plant on a construction site, operators and other roles involved with the lifting operation will need a CPCS accreditation to meet the requirements of the main contractor and in light of this, we are here to help our customers.

Our friendly admin team will take our customers through the relevant procedure to help gain the qualifications through the CPCS including bookings, training and testing with support from our technical team.

Further Training

There are many different accreditation schemes and courses available all over the UK

We are always here to help, and will give our best efforts to guide our customers through the desired path for whatever training they should need.

CPCS – Identity and Competence Cards

As part of the CPCS training courses we offer, it is possible to obtain a CPCS identity and competency card

It provides assurance that an individual meets specified skill and qualification requirements in order to undertake their role as a plant operator. It also provides evidence that they meet the CPCS health and safety requirements.