Over the years, we have been involved in many special projects with our customers. Some of them are shown below with the different types of equipment that was used, based on the challenges faced and any enviromental constraints we had to work within.

Working on the Forth Bridge

Our coverage of the country can take us to all sorts of locations, and on this occassion we needed to position a small spider crane in order to lift over the edge of one of the sides of the bridge to lower items down.

The interesting fact about this lifting operation is that we needed to restrict the movement of the cranes boom so that there were no possibility of the boom turning around into the traffic that was coming toward the crane. We have some very technical options when it comes to our spider cranes, this particular crane has limit settings, which when applied will prevent the crane from unrequired or accidental movements.

Delivering a safe solution for the task...

Equipment used for this project:

UNIC URW-295-3

Tandem Lifting

Another advantage of using spider cranes is for situations like the photo above. The steel in the photo was over 2000kg in weight, and had to be lifted up and into position without taking any of the structure down. For this reason we tracked 2 small spider crane into the main reception and used a machine skating system to bring the steel in, then lifted the steel straight up.

The difficulty of this operation came about when the customer here informed us that there was a low weight bearing floor with a basement beneath. Fortunately for us we are able to calculate the weight distribution and the point loads of the crane, which in turn gave us the safe matt sizes needed to spread the load. All part of the service...

Equipment used for this project:

2 X UNIC URW-295

Network Rail

The expansive network of rail systems running all over the country means that quite often we have been asked to assist different contractors on various Rail projects, especially with HS2 sites becoming quite popular.

Our spider cranes are frequently used to lift items such as steelwork – seen in this photo where we were tasked to help assemble the steel structure for a COVID train wash station in London. The trains can now be regularly washed with the right chemicals to help fight the spread of the COVID virus.

Equipment used for this project:


O2 Arena London

This project was a great example of the various lifting machines and accessories we have to offer for varying sizes of projects. The O2 arena now has a 2 storey retail and eating area in the large foyer, which is nearly entirely cloaked in glass screens.

We positioned a large UNIC 706 spider crane at ground level, which has the reach and capacity to lift the glass up to the higher levels with ease. Also on this project we used a very versatile glazing robot, which used on both ground and first floor to distribute and install glass of varying sizes and weights.

The project was very successful and is there for all to see if you visit the London’s O2 arena.

Equipment used for this project:


Heavy Monument Repair

One of the main uses for a spider crane is to access areas where space is either restricted or limited.

On this occasion we were asked to lift some heavy stone elements in a very tight North London cemetery. The restored elements where brought into the graveyard using our tracked carrier machines [not pictured here] and then lifted into position using absolute precision.

Equipment used for this project:


The Crane and the Plane

Here we have another great example of the uses of how spider cranes can be utilised. For this project we were asked to lift off parts of a large aircraft inside a nice clean hanger.

The environment suited our spider crane due to the versatility of being able to get around the craft, reach up and beneath the wing areas in order to carry out a safe lifting operation.

The additional benefits include the cleanliness of the machines and the tracks which help to keep the area clean. We have Battery versions of most of our machines now and these provide zero emissions when working indoors.

Equipment used for this project:


Inside the Church

Restoration projects are a speciality for Lift Minicranes, as seen here we have been called upon on many occasions to help when bells that have been suspended up in towers over the years and need a touch of care.

Which is why our Battery Spider crane was called into action here; no emissions, no mess and a nice clean and careful operation.

The bells where lifted down, taken away and then returned fully restored and lifted carefully back to where they live so they can continue to chime...

Equipment used for this project:


Richard III Visitor Centre

With our main depot in Leicester not far from the centre, we were asked to provide a solution to help the museum in installing a glass viewing box for the museum visitors to be able to view the exact location of where the remains of the King where uncovered.

The glass weights meant we needed one of the larger spider cranes to carry out the lift, equipped with a large vacuum lifter able to lift over 600kg.

The glass was lifted up and held in place while secured to the sides and the floor, which is also made of glass.

A very interesting site to behold and worth a visit.

Equipment used for this project: