Lifting Beams

Lifting large and long objects can present a problem sometimes where a load needs to be kept straight and rigid. We offer a range of different beams both spreader type and lifting beams so we can provide a solution to your requirements.



Capacity 6000kg

The HOEFLON Lifting Beam 6000 offers an impressive 6.0t capacity and provides a robust platform for any heavy lift.

  • Low net weight 45kg
  • Compact dimensions
  • Flexible adjustability
  • High capacity 1.2t - 6.0t
  • Dimensions 1250mm x 169mm x 274mm


Capacity 10000kg

Aluex is a state of the art lifting beam with endless opportunities. Lift boats, construction equipment and a lot more, both big and small pieces. The lifting beam may be set to three different length prefrences and you don’t need to worry about width, Aluex sets that for you. Our flagship lifting beam with a 10t lifting capacity and a weight of only 45kg has all features you would want a lifting beam to have.The Aluex is anything but heavy, forget everything that feels slow, heavy or hard to handle. Unloading and set up of the Aluex is faster than any other lifting beam on the market. While safety is most important, you still need to be fast.

  • 10000kg lifting capacity at 30˚
  • 5800kg lifting capacity at 40˚
  • Length 2.5m
  • Weight 45kg
  • Aluminium construction
  • Maximum width 3.5m