Glass Lifting Attachments

For glass and other smooth non-porous surfaces, vacuum lifting attachments are very popular and come in a wide range and sizes to cater for a wide range of tasks. A great solution for lifting large glass panels, sheet metal and many different materials whether on a construction site or on a domestic property we are sure to have the right attachment for your needs.



Capacity 135kg

As a smaller version of Powr-Grip®’s popular P1 Channel Lifter, this mighty little vacuum lifter is ideal for handling and installing commercial or residential windows, skylights and solar panels. An on-board, DC power system enhances lifter portability, while a Dual Vacuum System improves load security and worker safety.

  • Lightweight 39kg
  • SWL 135kg
  • Low vacuum warning buzzer
  • Tilt 90 degrees
  • Rotate 180 degrees


Capacity 135kg

This Powr-Grip® vacuum lifter provides an economical way for a single person to lift and tilt loads.

  • Standard pad Sspread 279mm x 584mm
  • Weight 28kg
  • SWL 135kg
  • Low vacuum warning light
  • Low vacuum warning buzzer
  • Vacuum warning gauges
  • Reserve vacuum tank
  • Load movement manual tilt (90 degree)
  • On-board battery charger


Capacity 320kg

The most common and versatile vacuum lifter in the range, will lift glass up to 320kg. The MRT4 will be used as an in-line, has the ability to rotate and lift horizontally. Duel circuit vacuum system for additional safety and an audible and visual warning system if vacuum drops below required level in either circuit.

  • Capacity 320kg
  • Weight 58kg
  • Dual circuit vacuum system with reserve tank, non-return valve and vacuum gauge for each circuit
  • 90° manual tilting from vertical to horizontal
  • Manual 360° lockable rotation (continuous)
  • Integral maintenance-free vacuum pump
  • 12v rechargeable battery with integral 110v or 240v charger and battery energy gauge
  • Audio-visual low vacuum warning
  • Four extension arms allow alternative configurations
  • On-board control panel


Capacity 320kg

With dual circuit vacuum system technology for extra safety, the ‘4-in-line’ is the industry’s most widely used vacuum lifter offering 180° rotation and 90° tilt. Onboard power permits cordless operation on cranes and hoists, while a lightweight steel and aluminium frame combines strength with durability. Its flexiblility and ease of handling make the 4 - inline the ideal general purpose lifter for site use. An optional short hook can also be fitted for installations under soffits and overhangs.

  • Capacity 320kg
  • Weight 34kg
  • 180° lockable rotation
  • Manual tilting from vertical to horizontal
  • Dual, independent vacuum circuits with two vacuum reserve tanks, vacuum gauges and two non-return valves
  • Audio-visual low vacuum alert
  • 12v rechargeable battery with integral 110v or 240v charger and battery energy gauge
  • Compatible with low marking and heat resistant vacuum pads


Capacity 500kg

With a dual vacuum system, 1100 lbs [500 kg] load capacity, removable pad frame extensions and a remarkably low profile, this Powr-Grip® rotator/tilter provides maximum versatility and ease of use in tight work locations.

  • Capacity 500kg
  • Weight 59kg
  • Ideally suitable for transport and installation in limited space conditions
  • Compact, robust construction
  • For construction sites and workshops
  • High holding capacity and safety with dual circuit vacuum system
  • Independent of power supply


Capacity 635kg

The MRTA811 Quadra-Tilt glass vacuum lifter features a four-bar tilt mechanism, making it easier to tilt heavy loads between flat and upright. Featuring 360o manual rotation and 90o assisted manual tilt, the MRTA811 QuadraTilt has removable vacuum pads and extension arms, meaning it can handle loads with a variety of shapes and sizes.

  • 320-635kg safe working load
  • Weight 87kg
  • 360° manual rotation
  • 90° assisted manual tilt
  • Multi-configurable with 4 extension arms
  • Dual independent vacuum circuits, with two vacuum reserve tanks, gauge and non-return valve
  • Audio-visual low vacuum alert
  • Compatible with low marking and heat resistant vacuum pads
  • Maximum wind speed for safe use is 29km/h, 18mph, 16.5 knots or 8 m/s


Capacity 450kg - 900kg

One of our slimmest lifters at 180mm, the DSZ2-L fits in the gap between the building scaffold and envelope. The DSZ2-L is fully featured with manual 360° continuous rotation & 90° hydraulically dampened tilt. The dual circuit DSZ2-L includes six extension arms and pads as standard to raise the maximum capacity from 450kg to 900kg. The lifter can also be supplied with an optional wheeled stand for easy storage and transport.

  • Capacity 900kg
  • Dual circuit vacuum system with reserve tank, non-return valve and vacuum gauge for each circuit
  • Hydraulically dampened 90° tilting from vertical to horizontal
  • Manual 360° lockable rotation (continuous)
  • Two or four integral maintenance-free vacuum pumps
  • 2 x 12v rechargeable batteries with integral 110v or 240v charger and battery energy gauge
  • Audio-visual low vacuum warning
  • Six extension arms with pads supplied as standard
  • Optional wheeled stand
  • On-board control panel
  • Weight 12 pads(140kg), 10 pads(125kg), 6 pads(105kg)


Capacity 400kg - 800kg

The new vacuum lifting device from the Liftmaster Quadro series sets new standards in vacuum lifting technology. Its innovative operating concept, the quick battery exchange and the high safety standards make the lifting systems reliable mounting aids for indoor and outdoor applications. They are used together with overhead and mobile cranes. Four optional extension arms complement the modular construction of the devices and increase its flexibility in use.

  • 400kg capacity with 4 pads
  • 800kg capacity with 8 pads (4 extension arms)
  • Suction pads diameter of 360mm
  • Load capacity per suction pad 100kg
  • Digital outdoor temperature display
  • Warning system with 4 signal lamps
  • 2 batteries included
  • TÜV approved


Capacity 350kg

The 350Kg SWL vacuum lifting device is specially designed for loads up to 350kg. Thanks to the modular design, it can also be optimally adapted. with the 350kg SWL, loads can be manually tilted by 90° and rotated by 360° (every 45°) so that glass elements can be perfectly aligned and inserted into the façade. The 350kg SWL is the ideal assembly partner with mains-independent power supply.

  • 300kg vertical bearing capacity
  • 350kg horizontal bearing capacity
  • Vacuum suction plate system
  • Manually tiltable by 90°
  • Manually rotatable by 360°
  • Approximately 8 hours drive time


Capacity 450kg

The 450Kg SWL vacuum lifting device is optimally suited for loads up to 450kg with its long and narrow design. Thanks to its modular design, the 450Kg SWL can be easily and quickly adapted. The standard 4 suction cups can be extended to 6 pieces without tools. The detachable load arm provides additional flexibility.

  • 300kg bearing (4 pieces)
  • 450kg bearing (6 pieces)
  • Vacuum suction plate system
  • Acoustic alarm
  • Modular design
  • Approximately 8 hours drive time


Capacity 600kg

The 600Kg SWL is the specialist for lifting and moving glass elements up to 600kg. Thanks to its modular design, it can be optimally adapted to the requirements on the construction site with its extension arms allowing the handling of even large-area elements. The attached suction plates (diameter 300 mm) ensure good adhesion and application power.

  • Up to 600kg bearing capacity
  • Vacuum suction plate system
  • Suction plates with spring-loaded plunger and joint
  • Manually rotatable by 360°
  • Extension arms for large-area elements
  • Two independent vacuum circuits with 2-fold safety
  • Acoustic warning devices
  • Approximately 8 hours drive time


Capacity 1200kg

The UPG 1200 glass vacuum lift with its slim design and high, well thought-out flexibility is the best choice for every application. Due to the low construction depth of only 265mm(without tilting bracket) and the eyelets attached to the base frame, nothing stands in the way of operations behind scaffolding or other confined situations.

  • Maximum load capacity 1200kg
  • Silicone-free suction pads (no marks)
  • 2-circuit system
  • Radio remote control & electric tilting unit
  • Integrated electric rotary drive
  • Up to 12 suction plates
  • Quick-change system for mounting on the GW1125
  • Transport trolley optional


Capacity 600kg

The GLASSJACK MANIPULATOR HEAD is for handling large sized glass elements in combination with a mini crane, truck loader crane or variable reach lift truck (telehandler) up to a maximum weight of 600kg. It is equipped with a 2-circuit vacuum system for use on construction sites in accordance with DIN EN 13155. Suitable for use with MAEDA-MC 285, MAEDA-MC 305, MAEDA-MC 405, UNIC URW 095, UNIC URW 295, UNIC URW 376, UNIC URW 506, UNIC URW 706 series mini cranes.

  • Working load limit 600kg
  • Flat or curved glass
  • Rotate 360°
  • Swivelled electrically by ± 35°
  • Telescopic boom/crane arm
  • Radio remote control
  • Battery and mains
  • Quick change battery box

OKTOPUS GL-RN 400/600/800

Capacity 400kg / 600kg / 800kg

With a very low total weight (depending on the equipment) of 55kg - 80kg only, the LIFT GL-RN 400 / 600 / 800 is the perfect device for handling glass panes and window elements up to a maximum weight of 800kg. The optional available suction pad adapter for curved panes also allows handling convexly or concavely curved panes with bending radii ≥1000mm and a maximum weight of up to 320kg. The suction areas of the elements to be lifted have to be air - impermeable, have to have a clean surface and must not be covered with protective foil.

  • One device for three load classes (400/600/800 kg)
  • Increasing the Working Load Limit by mounting additional suction pads - 4 pieces(400 kg), 6 pieces(600 kg), 8 pieces(800 kg)
  • Two independent vacuum circuits
  • Each vacuum circuit with 2-fold safety and integrated vacuum reservoir integrated measuring devices to monitor vacuum and power supply
  • Deviations from the nominal condition are indicated by optical and acoustical warning devices
  • Integrated pressure switch control indicating malfunctions
  • Economic battery powered energy supply (24v) with high capacity
  • Energy-self-sufficient indicator for interruptions in energy supply
  • Pressure switch controlled energy saving function to reduce pump running times and increase operating times of the devices
  • Extension arms allow handling of large-sized elements as well compliance with all criteria of DIN EN 13155
  • CE mark according to European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Optional manually operated valves, cable remote control or radio remote control