Cladding Lifting Attachments

We offer a range of cladding lifting attachments for all different types of use, whether it be walls and façade, internal or roof sheets. Available on a self operated hire or as part of a contract lift.



Capacity 600kg

The GRC 600 designed to lift materials with different levels of porosity, ideal for glass reinforced concrete. This groundbreaking innovation is the first of its kind, and this highly versatile lifter can be operated as a constant runner for more porous materials or on a stop start basis when lifting flat, smooth elements which more easily form a vacuum seal. The GRC 600 benefits from an adjustable lift bail; 360° continuous manual rotation that lockable every 90°, and a 90° tilt function, which allows load to be lifted horizontally or vertically

  • 600kg capacity – flat or horizontal
  • Rolling hour meter gauges
  • Adjustable lift bail
  • Constant runner or stop start
  • Two-action suction release system
  • 90° tilt
  • Weight 185kg
  • Two independent vacuum systems


Capacity 800kg

The CLADBOY 800 is ideal for both wall and roof panel installations and offers an impressive 800kg lifting capacity, a 14m maximum wall panel length and a 25m maximum roof panel length. The CLADBOY 800 also provides impressive features, which allow for flat or inclined installations, including 90° tilt. In addition to wall and roof panels. It can also be used for installing Sandwich panels with integrated solar energy systems, Steel roofing sheets and Heavy rock wool wall panels.

  • Lifting capacity up to 800Kg maximum (dependant on active suction pads and configurations used)
  • Basic machine weight of 130Kg (will vary with suction pads and extension kits used)
  • Clear audible low vacuum warning
  • Extended battery life with in-built charger and low battery warning
  • Large vacuum buffer tank
  • Adjustable lifting point
  • Effective secondary safety devices for all panel orientations