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LIFT MNI CRANE HIRE along with local waterways and services contractors have been replacing the tired, old and damaged stonework on the Lock at Richard Street in Birmingham.

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Spider crane to lift lock stonework, replaced with new stones over 1000kg’s

The area in the photo had to be fenced off from the public temporarily whilst lifting was carried out. And the crane in the photo couldn’t be set any nearer to the water’s edge because of the weight and dissipation through the ground – especially whilst strengthening up the banks.

The crane in the photo is a MAEDA MC405, one LIFT mini crane hire’s newest additions to the fleet. with a self operated hire available to those who hold the A66 “compact crane” competency card. With its excellent lifting capacity of 3.83t, and short rigging space we where able to hoist the stonework up and out safely, and lift new ones in from 1 position – leaving plenty of room for the workforce to utilise the rest of the area.

We have a large fleet of various different mini cranes for hire, with UNIC’s, MEADA’s, and KLAAS Aluminium Crane’s – All with various advantages over one another and various different attachments and unique specifications…