OVERHANG BEAMS - Lift Mini Crane Hire


Overhang beams or Counterbalance Lifting attachments are becoming very popular in the Lifting Industry, since the presence of glass is increasingly more common, and buildings are shaped more interestingly than ever, the need to reach areas with conventional methods is increasing.

Our equipment is keeping up with the need in that sense, and we offer as an example our counter balanced lifting attachments or Overhang beams to accompany our cranes.


The GGA800 Counterbalancer, comes with either a “load hook” for suspending loads beneath soffit’s or overhanging canopies.

The GGA800 also can be hired with it’s own fixed Vacuum Lifter for Cladding or Glazing operations – GL- RN 400/600/800


Download Spec HereLIFT GGA 800 Counterbalancer