MAEDA MINI CRANES - Lift Mini Crane Hire


MAEDA MINI CRANE HIRE – We have a wide range of MAEDA mini spider cranes available to hire on our extensive fleet. The MAEDA mini cranes range from cranes that range from a 1 ton lift, 2.9t and a 3.8t lift capacity – with a much larger 8t spider crane lift coming soon for hire.

Each different spider crane type, or size are frequently used for varying applications, and could be the exact solution for your lifting requirements.

Click on the different spider cranes below to find out what they are used for and some more detailed information


The MAEDA MC 104 is currently the smallest mini crane available to hire, with a very narrow and short body when tracking from one place to another. The crane will fit through a doorway, and can lift 995kg close up, with the ability to have legs in various positions…

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 The MAEDA MC305 is a ride-on spider crane, with a lifting capacity of 2.98t and a boom length of 12.5m. The MC305 also has a searcher hook attachment which is great for working beneath canopies or areas with low headroom. This crane will operate on Diesel or Electric.

2.9t spider crane



The MAEDA MC405, is the largest and most powerful of the MAEDA range. This particular machine has a detachable fly jib which extends the boom to an impressive 21 metres. The 405 is an electric or Diesel powered machine, with the ability to0 pick and carry a load – which is very unique.

Largest MAEDA spider crane, with pick and carry facility

Largest MAEDA spider crane, with pick and carry facility