Bocker RK36/2400

BOCKER RK36/2400




If you’re working on a site where space is at a premium and high level lifting is required. The BOCKER RK36/2400 is the ideal solution. Its 2.1m tracking width enables it to access narrow areas ready to be positioned almost anywhere, and the fully remote control operation enables your operators to work safely and efficiently from an ideal vantage point. Boasting a 36m reach our BOCKER RK36 hire is especially popular for the following applications: Glazing, Cladding, Signeage work, Air Conditioning Installations and assisting with roofing jobs, lifting and positioning high level loads, as well as a host of domestic construction operations.

The New BOCKER RK36/2400 weighs only 4,500kg which gives a great advantage of working on low weight bearing floor areas, and has a maximum lifting capacity of 2400kg. The outriggers or legs can be positioned at different angles to allow lifting from space restricted areas.

The BOCKER RK36/2400 can also be swiftly turned into a working platform with the “Quick-Hitch” system, and competes with the leading competitors on the specification when being used as a Spider Access Platform…


Thanks to a powerful Diesel engine, the crane on a crawler chassis gives excellent power reserve in any situation.

The BOCKER RK36/2400 has a full Electrical power facility to allow working indoors with zero emissions at full capacity.

For more information on BOCKER RK36/2400 hire, download the spec sheet, request a brochure,  or call 08451288911 or email

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Bocker RK36/2400