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The Mini Cranes

Lift Minicranes offer a wide range of mini spider crane s types and sizes.

On the worldwide market there are many different manufacturers of the mini cranes, and we have done our research for the end user.

There are subtle differences between the leading manufacturers in every model size, and we have recognised this while building our fleet.

Our customers and operators give us great feedback, and when looking at each lifting solution there are aspects that suit some models and not all.


We have built our fleet on UNIC and MAEDA mini-cranes. Both are Japanese who have a great reputation for being at the forefront of technology.

If you are unsure of the correct and more suitable machine for your work, feel free to call our office and talk to our technical guy’s who will be more than happy to help….



                                     UNIC MINICRANES


                                         MAEDA MINICRANES