Exhaust Purification - Lift Mini Crane Hire

Exhaust Purification

The Problem
Using diesel powered equipment indoors, or in confined areas, results in operators or nearby workers being exposed to high levels of hazardous diesel exhaust emissions. There is also the nuisance of noxious diesel odours and diesel soot contamination. When working within a food production building or shopping centre for instance, this can pose a problem that many plant hire companies are not yet able to overcome.

The Solution
The SUTBUSTA™ by Cawdell is a remote, reusable, portable, particulate filter device that can be connected to the cranes’ exhaust. It collects 95% of the diesel particulate (soot) and has self cleaning system. There is no need for replaceable elements of filters. In fact, the Sutbusta will work for 40 hours before it needs regeneration.

This device is state-of-the-art and a must have when operating in environmentally sensitive areas. We are proud to be one of the first companies to incorporate it into our fleet. Not only do we incorporate the Sutbusta, all our machines are also well maintained, giving out low emissions. In fact, our minicranes are dual fuelled with the option of LPG or petrol/diesel with regularly replaced clean air filters.

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Examples of Sutbusta