Contract Lift Hire - Lift Mini Crane Hire

Contract Lift Hire

Lift ltd are here to help and provide a contract Lift hire service that will leave our customers with piece of mind and confidence in the fact that the job will be carried out to an excellent standard, and will carry our reputation throughout the construction industry.

We offer to take on the lift for you, if a customer is unsure about the procedures, the insurances or the planning of a lift, we can help.

contract lift

Specialist lifting operations, planned and executed

We offer to take on the responsibility of the whole lifting operation from the start, LIFT will work with the customer and plan the operation from start to finish, taking care of all the necessary legal documentation, risk assessments, insurances, personnel, the correct lifting attachments, the correct planning method and carry out the lift to a high standard.


Standard CPA hire….

If your company or business requires minicrane hire or any other of our services we can offer you a standard CPA hire if:

  • you have adequate plant hire Insurance – to cover the amount of the item you wish to hire.
  • You have your own lift plan and risk assessments in place.
  • You are familiar with or have a CPCS competent crane operator (should you wish to operate our machines yourself)


For this type of hire we would be more than happy to discuss your options over the phone, and get a contract in place for you to receive or collect one of our mini cranes to use on your projects. Our staff here at Lift ltd are standing by the telephone waiting to assist with your contract requirements.

mini crane lifting steelwork on a low bearing rooftop, erecting steel as part of re development plans.

295 mini crane lifting steelwork on a rooftop.











CPA Contract lift hire…

If you are unsure of the requirements or would like the hassle of selecting the equipment yourself removed, we can-

  • Survey the site, discuss the different solutions to your lifting requirements.
  • Select the correct machine/equipment to carry out the job safely.
  • Plan and carry out the lift or operation.
  • Take care of all the lift plan and risk assessment documentation.
  • Provide Insurances to cover in the unfortunate case there are any accidents.
  • Hand the job back to you when the lifting is complete.
mini crane 295 lifting steel - contract lift hire, with all planning taken care of.

2 minicranes tandem lifting a large steel beam in a University lobby area.

If you are unsure or need any more information regarding the different types of hire, please give us a call at the office today on 08451 288911.


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