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This morning many of us had to De-Ice the car window, or leave the car running for 5 minutes before getting into it for our journey to work. And maybe you ran back in to get your hat and gloves… I know I did.

mini crane weather conditions

Mini cranes in cold weather



Last year recorded one of the most coldest and snowiest winters, although not until after the Christmas holiday’s (earlier this year), we just want all of our customer’s to be ready, aware and safe this winter…

As you may or may not know, we hire out mini cranes 365 days a year, we also attend a lot of breakdown calls – i.e. boiler replacements, lifting in air conditioning units, and this may happen over the Christmas period…

We all have to be aware of the road conditions, and that a journey may double in time – if the roads are bad. And even in some cases – a journey may come to an end.

If your using special lifting attachments such as glass vacuum, and cladding during the winter – make sure you do it safely…

Vacuum lifting attachments need to be checked thoroughly, kept clean and dry – and in most cases – above certain temperature’s. We issue check-sheets and manufacturer’s information that will inform the user of the correct procedure’s and operating in adverse weather conditions.

This is just a reminder to all of our customers – check your equipment, be aware, and be safe….



LIFT MNI CRANE HIRE along with local waterways and services contractors have been replacing the tired, old and damaged stonework on the Lock at Richard Street in Birmingham.

mini crane hire, waterways

Spider crane to lift lock stonework, replaced with new stones over 1000kg’s

The area in the photo had to be fenced off from the public temporarily whilst lifting was carried out. And the crane in the photo couldn’t be set any nearer to the water’s edge because of the weight and dissipation through the ground – especially whilst strengthening up the banks.

The crane in the photo is a MAEDA MC405, one LIFT mini crane hire’s newest additions to the fleet. with a self operated hire available to those who hold the A66 “compact crane” competency card. With its excellent lifting capacity of 3.83t, and short rigging space we where able to hoist the stonework up and out safely, and lift new ones in from 1 position – leaving plenty of room for the workforce to utilise the rest of the area.

We have a large fleet of various different mini cranes for hire, with UNIC’s, MEADA’s, and KLAAS Aluminium Crane’s – All with various advantages over one another and various different attachments and unique specifications…



Lift mini crane hire – SAFECONTRACTOR approved – 2013/2014,

We are pleased to announce our accreditation for SAFECONTRACTOR has been certified again for the period Aug – 2013 – Aug 2014,

The Health and Safety Assessment Scheme recognised all over the UK, is an indication of the direction our company is heading, along with the objectives we work toward and strive to maintain…

For more information on the scheme and what the criteria set out within the accreditation, please follow the link

your in Safe hands…






People are more recently becoming aware of just how versatile the Spider Crane can be, with the requirement becoming ever so more apparent that we are building on top of building, and utilising space within work areas and storage areas…

This is a great example of how useful a spider crane is to a facility that has no space, and needs a safe, and productive method for maintenance and repair.

We tracked our spider crane (a URW/295) into the pedestrian walkway, and lifted down and back up – machinery parts that weighed over 300kg per lift.

The 295 is the most commonly used spider crane on our hire fleet, however it isn’t the smallest or the most versatile.



Mini Crane in Bollywood Film Hire

YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA 2- Stunt lifting with spider crane….yamla

From October last year up to the beginning of 2013, LIFT MINI CRANE HIRE were asked to help in a very exciting project, in fact one of the most entertaining contracts we have ever had the pleasure to be involved in. We originally were asked to lift a sumo wrestler up  in the air in a stunt scene, then throw a man off a building roof (a real stuntman with all safety precautions in place), then again a fight scene involving actors lifted by our spider cranes in a dance floor brawl.


It turned out that the hit film YPD2, is a long awaited sequel to a hilarious action packed comedy Bollywood film, which is now being shown.

In an ideal world, the scenes would have featured our mini crane and operator -but thanks to special effects and green screen technology, we are invisible in the production. We do however enjoy working within the filming and production industry, whether it be spider cranes lifting rocks for a waterfall project, or lifting abandoned cars from a river.

Keep an eye out for the significant yellow and red mini cranes, or why not watch the YPD2 film which is out now…

LIFT mini crane hire are always ready to apply our equipment and services to any production company out there looking to hire a spider crane for action…


untitledGIANT NEWS…

LIFTLTD are proud to announce their involvement in the display of these wonderfull exhibits this coming week.

the location isnt set exactly yet – but you will see these in Leicester, and on our website.

follow us on facebook and twitter to keep up…


“LIFT LTD, just to say that the lifting of all the units on the roof went like clock work this week. The best lift I have ever had on site, nice to work with a professional company and please pass on my regards to all your lads on site this week and I am sure we will be doing more business.”

Many Thanks

Terry Brown Project Manager




LIFT become a full member of the leading lifting orginisation in the UK

LIFT become a full member of the leading lifting orginisation in the UK

LIFT LTD are proud to announce that we are now members of the LEEA orginisation.“The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) is established across the globe as the leading representative body for all those involved in the lifting industry worldwide.”

With safety our primary concern in todays working environment, becomming a LEEA member is the best way to represent our customers and being able to provide them with current, expert advise and services within the lifting industry.



spider crane on television documentry

Channel 4oD – watch Building Britain episode 6






Here is your chance to take a look at the “Building Britain” channel 4 documentry episode where the journey takes Guy Martin to Birmingham Botanical Gardens. The restoration expert has taken on some epic tasks and challenges so far, and in episode 6 you will see how he explores the methods and technology used by the victorians, to steer our country to what it is today.

You will also see our minicranes involved in the overhaul of the listed waterfall and feature at the Botanical Gardens. LIFT Ltd are very proud to be involved in such a great project, and to hev recognition that mini cranes/spider cranes are the future….

spider crane, lifting stone

Spider crane at the top of the waterfall lifting the stones in and out of the waterfall

LIFT Ltd where contacted once the project had been planned, and the waterfall at the Botanical gardens had been surveyed. The initial idea was to assist the Rock and Water Co, with lifting rocks around the very top of the waterfall in order to restore the waterfall correctly.

We then held an air powered piling rig above the piling sheets, and the spider crane allowed the rig to hammer the sheets into the ground, to prevent the water seepage beneath the rocks which had over the years, affected the stability and performance of the waterfall.

After the piling was complete, the Rock and Water Company went to work on the lower part of the waterfall, with rocks coming out and the ground being rejuvenated by the experts. We then brought in our 376 spider for extra reach and started putting the waterfall back together again.

After a short time, several visit with the minicrane, and a great deal of elbow grease from Guy Martin himself, the waterfall was ready for the final touch – the artificial rock.

If you take a minute to watch the episode detailing the waterfall restoration, you will see the rock that Guy Martin created as the centre piece for the waterfall, and how it was hauled to the Botanical Gardens on a horse drawn cart – exactly how it would of been all them years ago when the waterfall was created.

LIFT were ready at the waterfall with a minicrane to lift the rock from the cart, and lower into position – with Guy Martin directing the show.

LIFT are very proud to have been involved in such a project, rstoration preservation and a big part of the midlands heritage.

Take a look at some of the photos of the project here…



The Aluminium trailer crane reaching heights in Nottingham town CentreLIFT LTD: – FROM MINICRANE TO MAXICRANE….

Town centre traffic, pedestrian routes and rubber necking commuters – just a few of the elements you normally have to take into consideration when working in a town centre. Especially one as busy as Nottingham on a monday morning.

Fortunately for the development team, and LIFT LTD crane operators, these are all in a days work. Especially with the KLAAS TC30 aluminium trailer crane – that doesnt do small, or concealed lifts.


Infact, the need for such a crane generally means that there is little room to set up, the weight on the floor needs to be low, and that there are heights to reach.

The trailer crane – one of 2 types here at LIFT, are the most common crane for lifting up onto rooftops and over areas where the ground is unsuitable. The reach is phenominal and the versatility of the machine gives an alternative solution to a lifting problem.