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You can’t get much lower…..

LIFT MINI CRANE HIRE were called upon to find a solution to a development problem recently. We where asked if there are any ways to lift steel floor beams into the existing brickwork of an existing building, that was being renovated into a plush new office block.

The problem was that the building itself is in the middle of terrace style houses, and very little room to manoeuvre.


mini crane hired for basement

Basement work with minicrane

For us, it made sense to lower the mini crane into the basement itself, and lift and work the 6 large steels into their positions.

Once the steels had been lifted – the engineers could then plan the next phase of fitting the floor…. saving time, money and a lot of hassle when compared to lifting through the roof, or a neighbouring car-park?


The possibilities are literally endless………



The URW/506 enjoying the view….

Mini cranes can be of many uses, some general and typical, and some…. well.. not so general…….

Take a look here at the 506 sat beside the water at Teesside Docks enjoying the sunshine.

The repair work being carried out beneath the surface can be a very dangerous, and risky task. But with the help of LIFT’s UNIC 506 and its’ excellent lifting capacity – we can expect nothing less than a safe operation.

Here you can see that the contractors are being lowered into the water, to work on strengthening the docks – by initially being lowered into the water by the spider crane, and complete with breathing apparatus, the team are completing the work below the water’s surface.

spider crane on the docks

mini cranes used for work over the waters edge





Lift Ltd – “Minicranehire” would like to wish everybody who has worked alongside us in 2014 a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year…

During 2014, Lift Ltd have had the pleasure of providing mini cranes and lifting equipment, to assist on a wide range of interesting lifting operations. From Steel Erecting operations on new developments, to Lifting Exhibition pieces for displays and shows, to working for Film Production teams, both on and off set. To glazing vast elevations of structures of both new and older projects, down to replacing the odd screen here all over the UK.

We are a fast growing company, and have a great relationship with all of our customers, and 2014 has been a benchmark for the direction we are heading. We sincerely want everyone to know that we value each and every customer, and endeavour to make next year even better.

The nature of crane hire, and lifting items within the industry is forever changing, evolving and maturing. We aim to maintain our reputation and direction into the new year with the help of our customers old and new….

On behalf of everyone here at LIFT ltd, we want to thank you all, and wish you all a very enjoyable Christmas, and Happy New Year…..


mini crane hire – 706 spider

LIFT MINI CRANE HIRE –  Ideal for glass lifting operations at high level


706 spider crane

The 6 tonne spider crane with excellent lifting capacity

6 tonne spider crane

706 Minicrane available for hire

Hire equipment and cranes

Large glass lifting equipment available

WP_20141019_00Ideal on uneven ground

706 spider crane



    For mini crane hire where the task is to reach beneath a canopy or overhead structure, LIFT MINICRANE HIRE have many spider cranes/ mini cranes that are equipped with additional “searcher hook” or “fly jib” type attachments. These extensions to the mini crane allow you to lift a little bit further in distance, but will also help to keep the height achieved when raising the load, without impeding on objects above.


Normally, cranes will require room above the area where the load is to be lowered, to be clear.  At least, there will be the length of the slings or chains, the wire rope leading up to the cranes boom head/end, and then the make up of the steel boom section. With a searcher hook or fly jib, you can attach the load directly to the hook on the end of the extension, or you have a fly jib, which will have a wire rope running through and down to a hook attached to the load. Our spider cranes are often hired where we need to lift a load up to within centimetres of what’s above. So the gap in between the top of the crane, and the top of the load we are lifting will have to be very small.

Not only does this help with saving room beneath canopies and overhead obstacles. But it can be ideal for reach. Many mini crane hire operations involve low headroom, reduced or very little access entering a working area, and often they are required to lift a load up, and out.


There are some examples of the uses of “searcher hook” and “fly jib” attachments on our minicranes available for hire.

For more information, please do not hesitate to call or email us …..

minicrane extension


URW506 has an offsetable searcher hook attachmentWP_000219WP_20140220_15_25_13_ProURW095 with extendable offset searcher hook attachment (3)URW095 searcher hook capability lifting air con unit



THE ORACLE – Glass Operation

The Oracle shopping centre in Reading, well known for the canal that runs directly through the complex.

The main entrance is opposite a bridge that spans the water, and provides a scenic element to the shopping experience.

The Oracle have been having some work done on the renovating and decorative areas all around the area in various parts, one of which meant some glass replacement work above the canopy on the main entrance.

mini crane hire shopping mall















The access for equipment to be used in and around the Oracle is very restricted, and presented a difficult scenario for the glass exchange work. Lift ltd were asked to come in and assist with providing a solution for lifting.

After a close inspection, we suggested a spider crane light enough to track and small enough to manoeuvre around the narrow pathways. With a boom length long enough to reach the glass safely.

The MAEDA MC 305, is only 1300mm wide, and weigh’s 4000kg – allowing us to physically manoeuvre the machine  into a position to allow room for an access platform to take the fitters up to the glass to do the work.

The work was carried out over a series of night’s, with all equipment removed before the crowd of shoppers walked in through the entrance itself. The entrance is now near completion and  you may see a red and yellow minicrane in the Oracle again soon….

For other applications for  minicrane hire – visit the example applications pages, or browse the website….

305 minicrane at the Oracle 305 (3) 305 (4) 305 20140909_015857 (2) 20140909_015915 20140909_020143 (2) 20140909_020201 (2)



Liftminicrane hire were asked to provide a solution for the movement of steel sections of framework, structural columns and various other steel items from one area – an unloading/loading area, to the several different locations for the assembly process.

The machine had to be able to satisfy the weight imposed on the ground, along with the capability to lift and support the steel beams and columns while fixed and secured.

All the work using the minicrane has to be carried out indoors, and has to be carried out in areas where there is little space and access. The LIFT 506 – a UNIC 506 model minicrane was offered as a solution for this and started very well in fulfilling the requirements.

After a short period, it was noticed that the work was progressing along quicker than anticipated, and the demand for the supply of materials encouraged the demand for another minicrane to keep the flow of progression.

We now have 2 machines on this project in London, and as you can see in the photo’s – the work will be complete in the near future, and the station will be complete. We will then be moving on to the next one with our minicranes, and our satisfied customer, to help increase our national network of trains and transport to it’s potential.

follow the link to the gallery to see the photos of the mini crane hire photos on Rail and Waterway projects….image


LAW & ORDER…… and Action!!!

The story behind the scene…

LIFT minicrane hire where contacted with a very peculiar enquiry by a film production company working on the latest series of the ITV Law & Order UK.

The initial description was that a crane, or lifting device will be needed to lift an old Triumph Dolomite from the river bed, in a remote location beneath one of the City’s many motorway carriageways. There was a restriction on the access to the location that must be considered – a pedestrian footbridge with a 3t limit….

The car itself will weigh no more than a tonne, with all of it’s mechanical elements removed from beneath the bonnet, this will keep the weight down to a minimum.

The lifting of an old car from beneath the Thames.

The lifting of an old car from beneath the Thames.

After a site survey, the job description changed somewhat.

The crane able to lift the weight comfortably would have had to have been a 506 at the very minimum – with the reach over the water’s edge having to be a few metres to look convincing.          The 506 spider crane weigh’s in excess of the 3t payload of the footbridge?

With this to consider, the best way forward was to utilise a smaller spider crane to lift off the removable sections of the 506, track and transport the different elements over the footbridge and re-assemble at the other side.

smaller spider crane used for disassemble.

smaller spider crane used for disassemble.

The boom, legs and various other parts can easily be removed from the UNIC minicranes – this is part of the unique design of this range of minicranes.

We then rigged up the crane at the waterfront at the correct distance away from the water’s edge to allow for the tide, and weight dissipation of the front two outrigger’s of the crane. This meant we were a little too far back to lift the car from the water – bearing in mind the car would practically double in weight when wet. In preparation for this – we decided along with the special effects team, that we would simulate the car coming out of the water, simply by hosing the car down moments before the scene was shot.

We did a practice run, and then the final take – the car came up and round nice and controlled. The car was set down and the detectives approached the rusty old car when summoned by another officer. The attention was then focused on the contents of the boot.

As it turned out, the body of a police officer from years before were still inside the car – which itself opened up a whole new line of enquiry, and so the program began.

The film crew and production team dashed off to the next location to film the next scene, while our operator, supervisor and fitters remained behind to reverse the assembly operation of the crane, and transport it back to our depot.

for more information on the capabilities of the mini crane range, feel free to call or email our technical help on





Law & Order UK – wednesday

Sources have told us that this weeks episode of Law & Order UK, features the lifting operation sequence that contains LIFT’s very own machine, and personnel.

For everybody interested in the scene, there is a car to be lifted from the water containing a shocking surprise.

LIFT were asked as part of the emergency services, to assist the police divers and detectives to lift the car out of the water, and set it down for examination.

You will see the team and in action this Wednesday….



The finished product - spider crane lifted sections together...

The finished product – spider crane lifted sections together…

During the construction of the prestigious HOTEL LA TOUR in Birmingham centre, LIFT MINI CRANE HIRE were asked in to put forward a solution to assemble a spiral staircase.
The stair came in three sections of pre-cast hi-spec concrete, and was designed to be lifted and fixed together using the pre-fitted lifting inserts, with special lifting rings.
The team of fitters along with our spider crane team arrived on site and cleared the area ready. We then tracked our mini crane 506 into the hotel reception, and set out the outriggers so that we could get the stair sections in and around the legs safely.

This was the model crane used for the staircase..

This was the model crane used for the staircase..

The staircase sections where fork-lifted into the main doorway of the reception, and brought to the cranes area and set down. We then applied the special attachments to the stair sections to our spider crane and lifted the first section into place. The attachments and slinging arrangement had to be precise because the sections are not a uniform shape – and there where holes to marry up whilst suspending the stair section from the mini crane.
The sections went in exactly to plan, and the concrete was expertly joined together by the professional stair assembly team. The spider crane tracked out into the street and removed from site.
With each section weighing 2 tonnes, the UNIC 506 spider crane was just the machine. We had to make it through a double doorway, then set up in a really tight corner to allow the access of the stair sections and passing trades. We also had to have the lifting capacity available to enable us to lift the sections, and hold them in position while they were secured.
For more information on LIFT MINI CRANES, and the various types of lifting applications the spider cranes are hired for. Please browse our website or call our office and speak to one of our friendly staff and find out what they could do for you……