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Botanical Waterfall Project with Mini Crane Hire

LIFT ltd (Mini Crane Hire) were asked by the Rock & Water company to assist with the project of refurbishing the grade 2 listed waterfall at the botanical gardens.

Rock & Water were given a 5 week timeframe to completely refurbish the picturesque rock and water spectacle.

The waterfall was dismantled with intricate precision by the rock & water company, then the ground working carried out which included draining part of the area, piling and preparing for the re-build.

Lift Ltd where asked along to aid the operation by positioning a small spider crane at the top of the waterfall and to hold the piling rig, due to the specialist crane having the ability to cope with tight access and uneven ground.

Rock and water used Lift Ltd’s larger spider crane then to lift and position the rocks around the entirety of the waterfall, allowing the rocks to be carefully placed.

With Channel 4 featuring the whole project for an episode to be shown later this year, Rock & Water needed to get this right, and it had to look the part.

The grand finale included the TV crew on hand to film a horse drawn carriage, carrying a replica stone, created locally for the project and taken to the botanical gardens on a magnificent horse drawn carriage, through the streets of Birmingham, and received at the waterfall by Rock & Water, and Lift Ltd.

The Rock feature was then lifted into position, which marked the end of a successful project with top marks going to the Lift Ltd and Rock & Water partnership.

The project will be shown on channel 4 in August this year….